Bobble Puzzle

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Bobble Puzzle is a fast and fun action game,
especially for two players

Bobble Puzzle works on Microsoft® Windows© 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista® platforms (min DirectX 7 needed),
and is totally free!

Even if it is a freeware, if you like it, you may send me a little gift (cards for example) or a donation via paypal (secure) :

NEW ! PureBreaker 3 Deluxe, full version, is now available to download, freely !

Click here to download Bobble Puzzle (0.90) installer version (1124KB)
or click here to download Bobble Puzzle (0.90) zipped version including source* (933KB)
and face your friends in a fast and cool action challenge !

Click here to download Jenga's Nest (Zip, 3.7MB), a little 3D game for two players. Goal is to make the highest tower without making it fall. Position and drop tiles with the mouse, rotate with the wheel. Three tiles per level. Move camera with cursor keyrs and PageUp/PageDown.

*You must include my name and the source in your games based upon it.


Bobble Puzzle

This is a screenshot of this terrific Puzzle Bobble © (or Bust-A-Move©) clone.

Current version : 0.90.

for new versions, if you have any trouble or if you want to send comments or little gifts...

The old Bobble Puzzle Amiga© 1200/4000 version

Bobble Puzzle has been downloaded thousand times by now.
I'd like to thank my free Host,


The Shooting Crew, Lethal Judgment, Purebreaker

The Shooting Crew : a little team of freeware games developpers.


Purebreaker 3

Purebreaker 3 deluxe

Purebreaker 3 is one of the BGames team's - The shooting crew products. I've participed as lead coder and graphist.

It's a next gen breaker, done with in mind to equal the gameplay of the legendary Arkanoid. I think it's a success! The game proposes nice visual FX, graphisms and musics, minigames, a quality physic engine with numerous balls bouncing with themselves or background whatever their size, and gravity in some levels.

You see that I'm proud of my baby, so please try to Download Purebreaker 3 deluxe (41 Mb, installer)

Now, you can also download a portable (needing no installation) version on portablefreewaregames


Streets of Rage Remake

Streets of Rage Remake - Download links on the official forum

A great Beat-'em-all like in the good old days. One or two players, level editor, and so on... Give it a look !




Fun and addictive minigame, mix from bomberman and pacman. Worth a try !




This is a perfect remake of the mythical Bitmap Brothers Game.



Crayon Physics Deluxe - Download page

One of these new and originals games, based on a good physic engine. Draw any object on the screen with a crayon, to move the ball to the star. Great fun for all the family!



Kyodai Mahjongg

The best Mahjongg game (world number 1 for a long time), made by a friend of a friend ;)
Musics by Miguel Samiez




Again a wonderfull remake of a legendary game. Two possibilities : you Love It (as I am), or you hate it, especially if you don't take time to understand how to move, hard at first without bonuses.




If you've already played Turrican, I'm sure you've already clicked on the link and are actually downloading this gem! If not, don't ask, just do it, there isn't a better beat'em all.


Another World

Another World

Eric Chahi is a videogames artist (not only that)
Let's try his biggest title, now available on Windows XP


Puzzle Bobble

Flash port of Puzzle Bobble by NiLS
Frozen Bubble port by NiLS


Icy tower

An excellentissime game : Icy Tower



Powder Game

A lot of games on this site, but my favorite is the Powder Game, a terrific physic simulation, really fun!


Find and Exec

A little Windows(r) program to walk the file tree and execute specified command on found files and/or folders. Useful to batch without coding, eg converting *.wav to mp3, *.bmp to *.jpg, and so on...

TreeProcess special page (more to come)

Others links a fantastic BASIC, with pointers, linked lists, structures, and an integrated assembler !
Game based upon Bobble Puzzle : Pharaohs' Bubbles